November 13, 2012 journal, what is a job other than a vehicle to enslave people for blood while they bleed you to death and control you and your employer for the sake of profit to their bottom line. Now the governor of New Jersey is being blamed for the reelection of the president. How ridiculous a explanation. The wicked John Boehner was on television before the president got home saying we must cut entitlements out of the budget. America barely escaped domination by the Mormon Church and Romney to give away this country to its satellite Israel including destruction of Iranian imaginary war materials as a wicked Pat Roberson is shown blaming people, blaming Iran and sending up smoke rings for war on Iran to protect the false Israeli State ignoring their history as a extreme terrorist nation. Pat Robertson was fiercely fired up this morning strongly demanding destruction of Iran. Sandy brought O to NJ, Christe said I will vote Republican but I appreciate your help. It is by federal authorities said but these wicked people like John Boehner already spewing smoke rings about the cut out and talk but to people aren't taught to they Social Security and Medicare but they want to privatize it to make themselves a lot richer the way it is seen by Pat Robertson. This morning and spend steam at the up everything you showing about the awful Iranians out of all the realm of the that this president what do that he's betrayed Israel but I'm so glad you have I have gas and water respect for a for letting the rich tax cuts expire at all but will change all that to but the Republicans blocked the public option in care bill to opt out. note of the to the hold your at least they stopped them from taken people's houses for hospital bills but it will be out he is an agent of Antichrist of I guess out by what it does to see how bad it is meant to counteract somebody needs to tell the truth it he goes unchecked Candidate ID to favor continuing the Bush tax cuts for the rich + 8 and 1/2% federal sales tax oppression and much more while everything goes to the rich while the poor starve to death. The blessed sacred stock market fell over 300 points at a call for rich people to pay more taxes. Pat Robertson on his 700 Club always calls it a tax increase like an equal to major media even though it is only the discontinuat-ion of Bush's payback to the rich for his election, there is no honest government. There is no honest news not even on Christian Broadcasting. Throw the television out the window and spend your time in prayer and Bible reading while we still have a chance. The end is near and the judgments of God are sure. The reelection of this president is good and bad. Pat Robertson and Fox News act like one married couple compatible with their propagan-da against the seed of Abraham. John Boehner wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security in effect to destroy it and he will. Pat Robertson comes on his 700 Club with a renewed push for war against Iran for the sake of false Israel operated by the Russian Khazar Communist and not the House of Israel the Israelites. God have long divorced Israel according to the Scripture yet these dumbbells feel they are doing God a favor to protect the phony impostures from Russian Karl Marx communism of the days of Lenin killing Christians in the Russian Holocaust. Shame on the Church for being so out of touch with reality. PatRobertson is furious over the president's reelection spreading fear among his audience. Pat Garofalo, News Report: "Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit was pushed out the door of his company in October after overseeing a precipitous decline in his bank's value. Overall, Citigroup lost nearly 90 percent of its stock price during Pandit's tenure. But that won't stop Pandit from walking off with $6.7 million for his last year on the job. The company suffered a profit loss of 88 percent during the third quarter, when Pandit supposedly earned his 'incentive award.'"